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Providing broad ranging systems design and integration services requires expertise in a number of disciplines. Since each client and each project is unique, requiring its own approach, our staff remains highly involved with a vast number of techniques and technologies.

Benefiting from these services are clients from a diverse mixture of professions and backgrounds, all who consider improved audio and visual communications important in their daily lives. These clients represent such institutions as churches, corporations, healthcare facilities, K-12 schools - institutes of higher learning, judicial branches, civic centers, theaters, and sporting facilities.

Our Services Include:

Acoustical Consulting: Utilizing advanced computer-aided modeling; our skilled professionals can identify potential problems in the design phase of any building project, well before construction begins. We can also design solutions for existing systems and "problem spaces" by utilizing sophisticated measurement systems and computer-aided models.

Audio/Visual System Design: Enhance the message in a variety of venues from classrooms and corporate boardrooms to churches, auditoriums, and civic centers. Our experts design goal-specific systems that will stimulate any message both visually and acoustically.

Low-Voltage System Design: Having staff members with over 100 certifications allows R & D Industries (RDI) to provide top-notch design services including IT, conferencing, digital signage, control systems, and numerous other low-voltage systems.

Noise Control: Noise as a pollutant is an ever-increasing problem for architects, engineers, and building owners. This problem can lead to annoyances which impact a space's functionality and cause efficiency to suffer. We assist clients in identifying these problems and can recommend cost-effective solutions. From noise masking solutions within a shared office space, mechanical isolation solutions to planning oversight on new construction projects, our services can save thousands in after-the-fact remodeling costs.

Architectural & Facilities Studies: For 31+ years we have remained on the cutting edge of employing test, measurement, and modeling technologies. Utilizing these tools and developed practices, our staff assists clients in identifying problems in existing spaces and avoiding problems in structures still on the drawing board. Based on measurement data taken at a site, our staff can analyze the site and prepare written reports outlining solutions. Although technical in nature, our studies are written using easily-understood terms, giving clients a simple path to achieve their goals.

Sound Reinforcement System Calibration: Utilizing time energy frequency analysis, RDI has the technical expertise to achieve the maximum performance for any type of sound system. Our industry-proven techniques can take full advantage of a sound reinforcement system’s acoustical and electrical characteristics with consideration for variables such as space occupancy and environmental conditions. Time, amplitude, frequency response, gain structure, physical alignment and phase relationships can be analyzed and calibrated to ensure your sound system is best configured for your acoustical space, providing a sonically-accurate performance.

System Integration: We have spent the last 31+ years providing clients with professional-quality audio, video, and related systems. Our staff prides itself on providing top-notch maintenance and installation services to an ever-expanding list of clients throughout the Midwest.

RDI is an authorized dealer for many manufacturers including some of the most sought-after products in the industry.


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