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Whether for sound reinforcement calibration or analysis of an acoustical space, the highly-trained staff at R & D Industries maintains the experience to utilize the most state-of-the-art tools available to achieve maximum performance. The main tool for these circumstances, however, is the application of a computer-based testing system called TEF 25 (Time Energy Frequency Analysis).

Utilizing TEF to test the quality of existing sound systems and acoustics, our staff has the capability to make the following measurements:

  • Energy Time Curve (ETC)
  • Time Display Spectrometry (TDS)
  • Real-Time Analysis (RTA)
  • ALCONS Measurements
  • Rapid Speech Transmission Index (RASTI)
  • RT 60 Measurements
  • Noise Criteria

These tests are taken in a space to create a pre-inspection analysis, which determines the actual acoustical properties of any given room. For post-analysis of an enclosed space or of a sound system, our experts also utilize another measurement system called SMAART.

Both TEF 25 and SMAART are tools used in conjunction with other basic test instruments to assist in both sound reinforcement calibration and analyzing the acoustical properties of rooms. These instruments include oscilloscopes, frequency generators, frequency counters, and a variety of calibrated measurement microphones. These tools give our technical staff the proper tools to ensure the success of our projects.

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