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For over 30 years companies have turned to R & D Industries, Inc. (RDI) for a wide variety of services, from the design of interactive boardrooms, public address systems, to the enhancement of acoustics in a workspace. Regardless of the project, the ultimate goal is usually the improvement of communication within the company, corporation, or manufacturing plant. 

Our staff approaches these issues in two ways: acoustically and technologically. In other words, after studying and testing the geometry and makeup of the room, we can recommend treatments that improve and possibly even correct poor acoustical aspects of the room. Our staff can also design and implement a sound system that can correct issues of intelligibility and volume.

Our staff designs boardroom audio/visual systems to enhance the delivery of one or a series of presenters in order to make a more effective point. Public Address and messaging systems also enhance the workplace through the improvement of interdepartmental communications. Recently many companies have worked with RDI to install HIPPA-compliant sound and noise masking systems for improved privacy in offices, multi-unit offices, conference rooms, and boardrooms.

We're proud to be locally owned and operated and want to thank all of our satisfied Iowa and Minnesota small-to-medium size business and corporate clients. We continue to enjoy the opportunity to create highly functional spaces throughout the state.

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Making Your Vision A Reality: Our Process

You are paramount to our success. We believe in adding value and being a trusted partner in all aspects of your business by providing services that assess, develop and support your audio visual needs. Designing a new project or system is about giving form to your dreams and your ideas. The importance of a great system is vital and when done properly, is timeless. Start to finish, it is our goal to ensure that you are involved every step of the way. Our team is excited to invite you into our process and strives to meet all your project specifications with open consultation, smart design, timely installation, and polished projects.

  1. Contact Us – no project is too big or too small; our team loves what they do and we are certain you will too!
  2. Consultation – ideal for meeting one on one, our engineers use this opportunity to:
    1. Educate and discuss how the correct AV system will enhance your space
    2. Uncover and walk through all AV possibilities unique to your facility’s architecture
    3. Discuss and outline a realistic budget and project timeline
  3. Programming – our engineers complete a needs analysis to directly address project goals, concerns, and possible challenges.
  4. Design/Design Drawing – we transform your vision with computer-aided modeling and create an executive summary, custom project blueprints, and select best-in-class equipment.
  5. Construction – our engineers are prepared, trained and arrive with the proper equipment; zero hassles. Our team is on-site start to finish; no more working with contracted teams that change every day.
  6. After Care – so you have the new system, now what? Our engineers are committed to seeing your success through. We work with you to train you to use the new equipment. We also offer continued system maintenance at your request, and data backup your system presets.

In-Depth: Our Process With Your Business

Acoustical Services and Noise Masking Systems

Acoustical treatments and noise masking systems can be used to increase productivity through the reduction of noise distractions and to provide privacy and confidentiality when required. These specialized approaches have proven to be very effective as well as a good investment.

For facilities have sophisticated acoustical needs RDI can assist by utilizing our advanced acoustical modeling and acoustical measurement capabilities. The proper design & implementation of specialized acoustical solutions can prove invaluable in such ways as enhancing communication, improving productivity, and even maintaining privacy.

Communication enhancement can be achieved via acoustic treatments in a number of corporate areas including offices, shared offices, public spaces, manufacturing facilities and more. Traditionally the central meeting places (conference rooms and boardrooms) remain a popular location for optimizing the acoustical environment.

The ROI for these systems is very fast when you consider increased productivity and reduced liability/risks associated with confidential meetings. For workers who feel their productivity is reduced by the presence of noise in the workplace (70% of workers do, according to a study by the American Society of Interior Designers), our consultants can perform acoustic analyses at the workplace and suggest steps you can take to electronically "mask" noise and/or to physically absorb the noise.

Regardless of your acoustical needs, the experts at RDI have the technology and knowledge to minimize the effects of acoustical problems in the workplace.

Video Conferencing & Communications Systems

A number of facilities are realizing the benefits of integrating an audio/visual system in their central meeting places, especially in conference, training, and boardrooms. These systems enhance the effectiveness and communications of all types of meetings.

Through the years, many organizations have turned to our staff to provide them with the latest technologies in an A/V system design to meet the specific needs of their business. These needs may include such standard features as a projector and a simple sound system, or progress toward more complex systems that include interactive whiteboards, document cameras, audio conferencing and video conferencing. Systems can also feature state-of-the-art control interfaces for system integration, ease of use, and system processing, all in one convenient control module.

RDI has designed and implemented numerous paging systems for use in corporations and healthcare facilities of all sizes. Whether your goals are to improve communication in the conference room, throughout a building, or even across a campus-wide environment, we can design and implement a state-of-the-art system that meets your goals.

Advanced computer-aided modeling techniques are used to fully examine various system components before installing them in a facility. This technology gives us the ability to determine such criteria as speech intelligibility, direct to proper reverberation ratios, sound pressure levels, coverage patterns, proper aiming, and much more.

Whatever the audio, visual or acoustical needs may be, our seasoned experts will assist in helping you achieve your goals.

Successful Projects Include:

Polaris Industries, Various Locations 

Eveready Battery Company, Merryville, MO 

Diamond Vogel Paints, Orange City, IA 

Village West Convention Center, Spirit Lake, IA 

Clay Regional Events Center, Spencer, IA 

Spirit Lake Regional Hospital, Spirit Lake, IA 

Pure Fishing-Bedell Industries, Various Locations 

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