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Few clients maintain the varied range of audio and visual communication needs as schools and institutes of higher learning. Whether in a classroom, auditorium, gymnasium, theater, or on an athletic field, sound clarity and visual appeal have been proven not only to enhance communication, but also assist in audience retention of the message.

For 31+ years, the staff at R & D Industries (RDI) has been called upon to assist with 100’s of educational projects which set out to accomplish these goals.

Gymnasium Sound & Video Systems

Auditorium Sound & Video Systems

Band Room - Vocal Room Sound & Video Systems

Streaming & Video Conferencing Systems

Acoustical Treatments

Noise Masking Systems

Digital Signage Systems

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Sound Systems

  • Wired Microphones & wireless microphone systems.
  • IEM & traditional monitor systems.
  • ADA compliant hearing assistance systems.
  • Media players, audio recorders & audio streaming.
  • Digital mixers, digital mixing systems, & analog mixers.
  • System & effects processors.
  • DSP based & conventional power amplifiers.
  • Line arrays speaker systems, steerable line array speaker systems & conventional speaker systems.
  • Advanced speaker modelling & speaker system design.

Public Address Systems, Paging Systems, & Automated Message Systems

  • Traditional analog paging systems.
  • IP based paging systems for flexible requirements and for multiple locations.
  • Automated announcements & message systems.

Video Camera

  • Camera systems, Manned & remote pan / tilt controllable cameras.
  • Video mixers, video effects processors & video editing systems.
  • Video recorders & video monitors.
  • Video streaming systems.

Presentation Systems

  • Presentation PC, software & media players.
  • Presentation switchers, Matrix switcher & scalers.
  • Projectors & display monitors.
  • Recessed & surface mount electric motorized projection screens.
  • Front or rear projection screens.
  • Presentation streaming & video streaming systems

Room Acoustics

  • Test & measurements systems for advanced room analytics.
  • Acoustical analysis & recommendations.
  • Room modeling & predictions.
  • Optimize room acoustics for speech & music.
  • Acoustical treatments.

Digital Signage

  • Facility & worldwide digital signage systems.


Studies have shown time and time again that a person’s ability to listen can have powerful effects on their ability to comprehend a lesson or gain the most from a performance. All too often, this ability to hear is directly affected by the acoustic make-up of the room.

Acoustical treatments can significantly improve the coverage and clarity of sound in your school's gymnasium, auditorium, and/or music room. Utilizing our computer modeling systems, our staff can simulate the effectiveness of acoustical solutions and suggest the right course of action to improve sound quality.

If your school is building or remodeling, our consultants will work with your architect to ensure that the initial design for your gymnasiums, auditoriums, and other venues are acoustically correct. This service will help your school prevent costly post construction changes.

A/V Systems

Imagine an environment that excites students to learn, encourages interaction, and drastically cuts back on teaching and prep time. These types of facilities exist and are becoming increasingly popular through the design and implementation of modern audio/visual systems. Many educational facilities have turned to the staff at RDI to provide them with the latest technologies in an A/V system design that meet the specific needs of their facilities. These needs may include such standard features as a projector and a simple sound system, or progress toward more complex systems that include interactive whiteboards, document cameras, and video teleconferencing. Complex systems can also feature state-of-the-art control interfaces for system integration, ease of use, and system processing.

Our staff has designed and implemented numerous sound reinforcement systems for gymnasiums, auditoriums, theaters, and athletic facilities. Regardless of the venue, our approach is the same: to provide clients with a system designed to match the facility, goals, and budget.

RDI utilizes computer-aided modeling techniques to examine various system components before actually installing them in a facility. This technology gives us the ability to determine such items as speech intelligibility, direct to reverberant ratios, sound pressure levels, coverage patterns, proper aiming, and much more.

Whether your goals are to improve communication in the auditorium, gymnasium, classroom, or a music room, we can design and implement a state-of-the-art system that ensures your money is invested on the best solution.


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