Judicial Services

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It could be argued that communication, comprehension, and retention are the building blocks of our country's judicial system. In a courtroom, it remains paramount that a strong and stable line of communication be maintained between the judge, plaintiff, defense, and the jury.

Over the years R & D Industries (RDI) has been approached by Federal, State and County officials who maintain that speech intelligibility and overall volume in their courtrooms are a problem, making it difficult for parties involved in legal proceedings to understand the deliberations. These situations lead to a lack of retention and misunderstandings, which obviously could have serious repercussions to the success of a trial.

Our staff approaches these issues in two ways: acoustically and technologically. In other words, after studying and testing the geometry and make-up of the room, we can recommend treatments that improve and possibly even correct poor acoustical aspects of the room. Our staff can also design and implement a sound system that can correct issues of intelligibility and volume.

Courtroom Sound & Video Systems

Privacy and Masking Systems

Streaming & Video Conferencing Systems

Acoustical Treatments

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Sound Systems

  • Wired Microphones & wireless microphone systems.
  • IEM & traditional monitor systems.
  • ADA compliant hearing assistance systems.
  • Media players, audio recorders & audio streaming.
  • Digital mixers, digital mixing systems, & analog mixers.
  • System & effects processors.
  • DSP based & conventional power amplifiers.
  • Line arrays speaker systems, steerable line array speaker systems & conventional speaker systems.
  • Advanced speaker modelling & speaker system design.
  • Audio Conferencing

Video Camera

  • Camera systems, Manned & remote pan / tilt controllable cameras.
  • Video mixers, video effects processors & video editing systems.
  • Video recorders & video monitors.
  • Video conferencing & video streaming systems.

Presentation systems

  • Presentation PC, software & media players.
  • Presentation switchers, Matrix switcher & scalers.
  • Projectors & display monitors.
  • Recessed & surface mount electric motorized projection screens.
  • Front or rear projection screens.
  • Presentation streaming & video streaming systems

Room Acoustics

  • Test & measurements systems for advanced room analytics.
  • Acoustical analysis & recommendations.
  • Room modeling & predictions.
  • Optimize room acoustics for speech & music.
  • Acoustical treatments.