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It could be argued that communication, comprehension, and retention are the building blocks of our country's judicial and governmental systems. In a courtroom, it remains paramount that a strong and stable line of communication is maintained between the judge, plaintiff, defense, and the jury.

Over the years, R & D Industries (RDI) has been approached by Federal, State and County officials who maintain that speech intelligibility and overall volume in their courtrooms is a problem, making it difficult for parties involved in legal proceedings to understand the deliberations. These situations lead to a lack of retention and misunderstandings, which obviously could have serious repercussions to the success of a trial.

Our staff approaches these issues in two ways: acoustically and technologically. In other words, after studying and testing the geometry and makeup of the room, we can recommend treatments that improve and possibly even correct poor acoustical aspects of the room. Our staff can also design and implement a sound system that can correct issues of intelligibility and volume.

We're proud to be locally owned and operated and want to thank all of our satisfied Iowa and Minnesota judicial and government clients. We continue to enjoy the opportunity to create highly functional sound spaces throughout the state.

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Making Your Vision A Reality: Our Process

You are paramount to our success. We believe in adding value and being a trusted partner in all aspects of your business by providing services that assess, develop and support your audio visual needs. Designing a new project or system is about giving form to your dreams and your ideas. The importance of a great system is vital and when done properly, is timeless. Start to finish, it is our goal to ensure that you are involved every step of the way. Our team is excited to invite you into our process and strives to meet all your project specifications with open consultation, smart design, timely installation, and polished projects.

  1. Contact Us – no project is too big or too small; our team loves what they do and we are certain you will too!
  2. Consultation – ideal for meeting one on one, our engineers use this opportunity to:
    1. Educate and discuss how the correct AV system will enhance your space
    2. Uncover and walk through all AV possibilities unique to your facility’s architecture
    3. Discuss and outline a realistic budget and project timeline
  3. Programming – our engineers complete a needs analysis to directly address project goals, concerns, and possible challenges.
  4. Design/Design Drawing – we transform your vision with computer-aided modeling and create an executive summary, custom project blueprints, and select best-in-class equipment.
  5. Construction – our engineers are prepared, trained and arrive with the proper equipment; zero hassles. Our team is on-site start to finish; no more working with contracted teams that change every day.
  6. After Care – so you have the new system, now what? Our engineers are committed to seeing your success through. We work with you to train you to use the new equipment. We also offer continued system maintenance at your request, and data backup your system presets.

In-Depth: Our Process With Your Government Facility


When designing a courtroom, community building multipurpose space, or judicial chamber, the acoustics of the space should always be considered. In other words, how are the room's geometry, wall and ceiling materials, playing surface, and sound reinforcement system going to affect the quality of sound within the space?

Whether planning for the design and construction of new courtrooms or struggling to achieve better sound quality in an existing venue, our experts work to ensure that correct acoustical characteristics are achieved.

Utilizing state-of-the-art computer modeling and simulation techniques, our staff can identify potential acoustical problems in a facility before it is even built, preventing costly post-construction fixes by "doing it right the first time." In the case of existing spaces, we can design solutions for "problem spaces" and offer cost-effective approaches that will help to correct these problems.

In some rooms, privacy and confidentiality is paramount to ensure the integrity of proceedings. During the design phase, room characteristics can be engineered alongside sound masking and privacy systems to deliver privacy anywhere it's needed.

A/V Systems

Sound performance is directly correlated to the interaction of a sound reinforcement system with a room's acoustic characteristics. Since no two facilities are designed and constructed in the same way or utilized in the same way, it is paramount that the process of developing an audio system for a facility remains unique to each project.

Our staff understands this when designing a sound reinforcement system that's right for a particular project. Before the design process even begins, we perform an acoustical analysis to gain a thorough understanding of a space's acoustical footprint.

RDI further utilizes computer-aided modeling techniques to examine various system components before actually installing them in a facility. This technology gives us the ability to determine such items as speech intelligibility, direct to proper reverberation ratios, sound pressure levels, coverage patterns, proper aiming, and much more.

Depending on the intended functionality of a venue, we can further include visual components within the system design such as digital projectors and video conferencing or architectural lighting and provide integrated and automated control of systems throughout a facility. Whatever your goals for an audio/visual system, our staff can design a system that adapts to your needs.

Successful Projects Include:

U.S. Department of Defense, Various Locations

Iowa State Capital Building, Des Moines, IA 

Johnson County Board of Supervisors Meeting Facility, Iowa City, IA 

Lyon County Courtroom & Convention Center, Rock Rapids, IA

Dickinson County Expo Building & Fairgrounds, Spirit Lake, IA

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