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Since our beginning, R & D Industries (RDI) staff has worked closely with hundreds of churches in the development of sound reinforcement systems that enhance both speech and music quality. Our staff has also worked with houses of worship and their architects to improve acoustical properties in worship and fellowship spaces, helping to further enhance our client’s message. Through our continued work with churches, we understand the needs and concerns of our clients.

Sanctuary Sound & Video Systems

Fellowship Hall Sound & Video Systems

Streaming & Video Conferencing Systems

Acoustical Treatments

Digital Signage Systems

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Sound Systems

  • Wired Microphones & wireless microphone systems.
  • IEM & traditional monitor systems.
  • ADA compliant hearing assistance systems.
  • Media players, audio recorders & audio streaming.
  • Digital mixers, digital mixing systems, & analog mixers.
  • System & effects processors.
  • DSP based & conventional power amplifiers.
  • Line arrays speaker systems, steerable line array speaker systems & conventional speaker systems.
  • Advanced speaker modelling & speaker system design.

Video Camera

  • Camera systems, Manned & remote pan / tilt controllable cameras.
  • Video mixers, video effects processors & video editing systems.
  • Video recorders & video monitors.
  • Video streaming systems.

Presentation Systems

  • Presentation PC, software & media players.
  • Presentation switchers, Matrix switcher & scalers.
  • Projectors & display monitors.
  • Recessed & surface mount electric motorized projection screens.
  • Front or rear projection screens.
  • Presentation streaming & video streaming systems

Room Acoustics

  • Test & measurements systems for advanced room analytics.
  • Acoustical analysis & recommendations.
  • Room modeling & predictions.
  • Optimize room acoustics for speech & music.
  • Acoustical treatments.

Digital Signage

  • Facility wide and worldwide digital signage systems.


Every worship space has its own unique acoustical signature. Furthermore, each congregation has its own goals for the use of their worship space. Taking these goals and making them reality is what our experienced team can do for your church.

For example, if your church offers a more traditional worship service typically with a pipe organ, a naturally-reinforced choir, and a singing congregation, then a slightly more-reverberant worship space may best suit your needs. However, if your church prefers a contemporary service - which oftentimes includes percussion, low-frequency musical instruments such as a bass guitar, and vocalists a less reverberant worship space may work best.

Regardless of your needs, our acoustical department will consider your church's goals and recommend treatments or techniques that will correct the acoustical problems that have hindered you in reaching your goals. In cases of construction and remodeling projects, our staff can reduce costly post-construction fixes by working with your architect to ensure the project is acoustically designed around your congregation's functionality needs during the initial construction phases.

A/V Systems

Designing an audio/visual system within a worship space or fellowship hall is a subjective task. There exists no single "boxed" solution that can work for all churches in need of sound reinforcement and visual systems. Each church is simply too unique in their acoustical properties, their worship practices, physical layout, and their congregation's goals to approach every system design in the same way.

Our willingness to take the time to understand each client's needs makes our services truly tailored to each house of worship client. After 31 years in the acoustical & A/V business, we know that having the right skills, the correct engineering tools, decades of experience and by asking the right questions our clients will receive the results they desire.

For example, traditional worship services generally require sound reinforcement systems that concentrate on excellent speech intelligibility. However, a church that prefers a more contemporary service would require a system that provides higher sound pressure levels, as well as extended low and high frequencies. All churches may want the inclusion of visual enhancements such as a video presentation system, cameras systems and special stage lighting to meet the needs of the congregation.

RDI utilizes computer-aided modeling techniques to examine various system components before actually installing them in a facility. This technology gives us the ability to determine such items as speech intelligibility, direct to reverberant ratios, sound pressure levels, coverage patterns, proper aiming, and much more.

Along with their proven expertise, our design team has the desire and ability to listen and understand the needs of each individual congregation. Whether your needs and goals consist of enhancing an existing system or designing and implementing a new one, our staff can help you meet those goals.


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