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About R & D Industries

Established in 1984, R & D Industries, Inc. (RDI) holds its roots in humble beginnings. RDI was originally founded to satisfy a case-by-case need for technology and audio engineering for a diverse customer base. More than 39 years later, RDI continues to be strongly positioned as the preferred and most trusted partner for delivering a wide range of technology solutions. By providing solid integrated computer networking, audio and visual engineering, and diverse technology solutions, RDI can support a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, legal, finance, healthcare, education, government, houses of worship, civic centers, liberal arts/recreation facilities and more.

Our team consists of knowledgeable, certified members who are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers to make technology work for their business. With a dedicated in-house engineering and support team, RDI has successfully completed over 13,000 projects with technology that is securely implemented in countless applications across a diverse industry base. By focusing on maintaining the highest level of performance for our customers’ infrastructure, we strive to create technology, solutions, and management that is tailor-made. The connectivity, convenience, and efficiency of our products and services consistently remain at the heart of concern for our team.

Through our continued research, development, and commitment to innovate industry-leading solutions, we have developed a full line of world-class managed services and products. It is our hope that you will explore our diverse solutions and that we can help your organization leverage technology to drive your business’ success.


Proudly serving these communities and surrounding areas:

 Office: Milford, Iowa
 Phone: (712) 338-2999

 Office: Ames, Iowa
 Phone: (800) 659-3529

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 Toll-Free: (800) 659-3529