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Proven Innovation

Proven Innovation 

IP or cloud access systems eliminate the need for a separate power supply, control panel, and dedicated hard wiring.

Greater Value

Greater Value

Compared to traditional systems that require more equipment, labor, and maintenance, the total cost of ownership is lower.

Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

Easily integrate with other systems and go where other access control solutions can’t, giving you the freedom to adapt to changing needs.

Security Access Where You Need It Most

Our approach to integrated security is not only holistic but revolutionary for the industry. By integrating our video solutions with cloud-controlled door access systems, we offer a security approach that pleases even the most conscious users. In collaboration with industry-leading technologies, our staff offers proven door access control solutions that use network-based IP technology. Unlike traditional panel-based options, we eliminate the need for cumbersome panels at each entry point. No more complicated wiring and costly power supplies. Our access control systems are not only a simpler and smarter alternative to door entrance security, but they are also aesthetically appealing.

Our innovative access control systems enable you to manage multiple locations in real-time through your existing network, lower your total cost of ownership, and experience the flexibility to go places your organization never imagined. This cloud-managed system frees users from closed systems with limited features and opens up security for countless applications such as schools, businesses, manufacturing, judicial environments, public buildings, and more.

Access Control Panels
Monitoring Platform

Sleek Hardware To Leverage Full Benefits

Our access reader-controllers offer an all-in-one device that provides standalone hardware capabilities or software/hardware retrofits with increased functionality and flexibility. By providing a single data cable for power and connectivity, each controlled point can be monitored remotely or even from the comfort of any mobile device. With our access platform, we provide a complete control system, allowing for full installation, administration, and management of the door access hardware. The modern user-interface establishes a new standard for ease-of-use in managing an unlimited number of access points across any locations through a mobile device, tablet, or modern browser.

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