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Sound naturally wants to travel from the source to anywhere in the outside world but scientifically controlling that sound creates acoustic experiences that are desirable. Imagine investing in a sound reinforcement system that you can actually hear before it has even been installed. Imagine the ability to evaluate different speaker systems before the design phase has been completed. And finally, imagine the assurance that the sound reinforcement system design that you are investing in will function at the best possible level in your room. Our firm doesn’t guess, or use hard-headed “cookie cutter” approaches; we use science and industry proved practices.

These capabilities and many more are accomplished through a sophisticated computer-aided modeling tool utilized by the audio staff at RDI. Our design facilities are equipped with EASE (Electro-Acoustical Simulation for Engineers), a tool which allows us to accurately predict the outcome of a space or quality of a sound system prior to installation.

State-Of-The-Art Acoustical Studies

EASE is a state-of-the-art acoustical design software package, which brings together nearly every major professional speaker manufacturer into one system. EASE gives our staff the ability to evaluate different manufacturers and models of speakers systems in any room. The ability to compare loudspeaker Model “X” against loudspeaker Model “Y,” and predict each loudspeaker's performance, at any location, in any acoustical space is a truly remarkable benefit. This ensures the right type of speakers for the job, regardless of brand, and it allows our staff to verify the viability of different types of sound systems so that every project proceeds with the very best in your investment.

Virtual Modeling Sound Demos

EASE also permits real-time auralization, a process which allows clients to "sit" in the virtual model and listen to a proposed sound system before it’s ever installed. The benefits of utilizing EASE to assist our clients are many; the combined 100+ years of staff experience is the key to maximizing this and other tools for your project.

Our Core Competencies Include:

  • Direct Sound Pressure Levels
  • Total Sound Pressure Levels
  • Loudness Predictions
  • ALCONS Speech Intelligibility Predictions
  • RASTI Speech Intelligibility Index
  • Clarity Predictions
  • Direct-to-Reverberant Ratios
  • Initial Time Delay Gap
  • & Much More

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