Perfecting The Sound Quality

To be immersed in an event or a performance, sound clarity for the audience is paramount. RDI can find the root of problems in existing venues, as well as assist architects in foreseeing problems during the design phase of a new project and recommend steps to correct these potential problems. Our designers take pride in providing clients with the performance they expect, the versatility needed, and the price they can afford.

Often with convention centers and various other public venues, the facilities are multi-functional for events such as sports, concerts, conventions, community receptions, and fundraisers. We work closely with board members, committees, and administration to accomplish this versatility, and meet the budget goals. We're proud to be locally owned and operated and want to thank all of our satisfied Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota clients. We continue to enjoy the opportunity to create beautiful sound spaces throughout the region.

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Where To Begin

When designing a system, the acoustics of the space should always be considered. In other words, how does the room's geometry, construction materials, finish materials, and sound reinforcement system affect the quality of sound within the space. Whether planning for the construction of a new complex or striving to achieve better sound quality in an existing venue, our experts work to ensure the desired acoustical characteristics are achieved.

Utilizing state-of-the-art computer modeling techniques, our staff can identify potential acoustical problems in a facility before it is even built, preventing costly post-construction fixes by "doing it right the first time." In the case of existing spaces, we can perform acoustical analysis and provide design solutions for "problem spaces" to offer cost-effective approaches that will improve intelligibility.

In outdoor stadiums and complexes, noise pollution can be minimized and accurately predicted during the design phase of a project to minimize the impact of sound propagating into surrounding neighborhoods. We specialize in acoustical tests and noise mapping, to ensure that your system fits the space and achieves your personalized goals.

Acoustical Treatments & Video Integration

Sound performance is directly correlated to the interaction of the sound reinforcement system with a room's acoustic characteristics. Because no two facilities are designed the same, it is critical that the process of developing an audio system for a facility remains unique to each project. Before the design process even begins, we perform an acoustical analysis to gain a thorough understanding of a room’s acoustical signature. This technology gives us the ability to determine such items as speech intelligibility, direct to proper reverberation ratios, sound pressure levels, coverage patterns, proper aiming, and much more.

Depending on the intended functionality of a venue, we can further include visual components within the system design such as digital projectors and theatrical or architectural lighting and provide integrated control of systems throughout a facility. These services further enhance performances and empower audiences with a superior overall experience.

Our Expert Team Can Help You With:

Sound Systems

  • Wired & wireless microphone systems.
  • IEM & traditional monitoring systems.
  • ADA compliant hearing assistance systems.
  • Media players, audio recorders, & audio streaming.
  • Digital mixers, digital mixing systems, & analog mixers.
  • System & effects processors.
  • DSP based & conventional power amplifiers.
  • Line array loudspeaker systems, steerable line arrays, & conventional loudspeaker systems.
  • Advanced speaker modeling & speaker system design.

Room Acoustics

  • Test & measurements systems for advanced room analysis.
  • Acoustical analysis & recommendations.
  • Room modeling & predictions.
  • Optimize room acoustics for speech & music.
  • Acoustical treatments.

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Our experts are here to make your planning easier, your project run smoothly, and your results unbeatable. Give us a call at (800) 659-3529, or request a quote to get started today!

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