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Easy Voice Paging

Easy Voice Paging

Instant Emergency Alerts

Instant Emergency Alerts

Enhanced Facility Safety

Enhanced Facility Safety

Keep Your Facility Prepared

With large and small facilities alike, it is imperative to ensure that your facility and its’ employees are prepared should disaster strike. Our voice evacuation systems (voice evac systems) provide instant notifications during emergencies such as severe weather, natural disasters, or acts of terror. Our systems will alert all of the building’s patrons that they must take the appropriate action and can mean the difference between life and death. Implementing a voice evacuation system is the most effective method available in the event of an emergency and our team is happy to help you get started. 

Emergency Siren

Added Security Without Added Hassle

With security breaches, our voice evac systems become important when there is an intruder in the facility. In such cases, one of your first concerns is to get people out of harm's way. The voice evac system is ideal for this. It can automatically tell everyone in the facility what is going on, and how to react. This not only lets everyone know what to do, but it also informs them of what the danger is - so they can avoid it.

Another benefit to this system is that it can be enabled to notify law enforcement or emergency personnel when outside services are required. In the event of any onsite emergency, information and time are hypercritical. Our designers assist you in implementing a voice evac system that allows you to distribute critical information quickly without added complications.

Ensure Messages Are Clear & Consistent

The last thing that your business or employees need in an emergency is to be confused by an emergency message. One of the core features of a voice evac system is that it allows messages to be prerecorded so that in time of need, they are played clearly, consistently, and at an appropriate audible volume. Because most public spaces and businesses now have regulations requiring an emergency alert system to be in place, we support clients in a wide range of industries including schools, universities, businesses, manufacturing, judicial environments, public buildings, and more.

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